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Sep 26, 2023

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Inner Balance helps you to gain a sense of internal control giving you a formula for inner stability.

Here are some key concepts this program covers:

  • How to be in charge of your inner world so your outer world doesn't immobilize you

  • How to recognize your inner signals and use them in a constructive manner

  • How to communicate what you want and build better relationships

Our Process

Weekly schedule, exercises & learning videos.

  • Every Tuesday

    1 Hour Live Learning Lesson 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM PST

  • Every Friday

    Release of Learning Video. Available in the Members Area

After the first live session, you will receive access to week 1’s teaching video on Friday morning. You can watch the video based on your schedule. The video and session worksheet will take you approximately 1 hour. The homeplay practice will take you about 15 minutes daily.

What You Will Learn:

    1. Welcome to Inner Balance

    2. Growth Triangle

    3. ROI

    4. Inner Balance Learning Log

    5. Pre-Program Questionnaire

    6. Welcome, "Getting Started" - Recording

    1. Out of Balance

    2. Levels of Distress

    3. Coping Patterns

    4. Feeling Under Water

    5. Feelings Are The Signal

    6. Practice and Learning

    7. What if I'm rarely out of balance?

    8. Why don't I know what I feel?

    9. Are coping patterns a problem?

    10. Why Do Feelings Matter?- weekly reflection post

    11. Live Session Recording - Out of Balance Homeplay Examples

    1. What You Need To Know For Balance

    2. Thoughts Create Physical and Emotional Responses

    3. The Mind Doesn't Know What is True

    4. Shifting Your Thinking

    5. Building Resilience

    6. Practice and Learning

    7. Have you been feeling pretty frustrated over the past week or so?

    8. How you create your perceptions of the world?

    9. How does looking at my thoughts and feeling help me solve my issues?

    10. Thoughts aren't actually true - weekly reflection post

    11. Live Session Recording - What You Need To Know For Balance - Homeplay Examples

    1. Regaining Balance

    2. What Motivates Behaviour

    3. Focusing on What You DO Want

    4. Wanting the Unattainable

    5. Wanting to Control Someone or Something

    6. Putting it All Together

    7. Practice and Learning

    8. Where is your focus, and does it matter.

    9. When people know what they want, why do they still get stuck?

    10. How to avoid fatigue and loss of motivation

    11. Unattainable wants - weekly reflection post

    12. Live Session Recording - Regaining Balance - Homeplay Examples

    1. Sustaining Inner Balance

    2. Finding Balance in Relationships

    3. The Trap of Wanting Someone Else to Change

    4. Ways We Sidetrack Ourselves

    5. Asking for What You Want

    6. Putting It All Together

    7. Finding stability within relationships

    8. Request or Demands

    9. Why, when we know we can’t change others, do we keep trying to

    10. Sidetracking - weekly reflection post

    11. Live Session Recording - Sustaining Balance - Homeplay Example

    12. Post-Program Questionnaire

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  • 52 lessons
  • 8.5 hours of video content

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